The rules of the Wikia and the Chat are quite easy to remember.

Editing and Posting rulesEdit

There are a few rules here

- You can post really whatever you want put think first

1. Is this offensive in anyway?

2. Is this appropriate? 

3. Will I make the Admins and Mods mad if I post this?

Chat RulesEdit

These are also quite easy to remember

1. No spamming

2. No linking other chats

3. No insulting other people sexuality, race, or religion

4. No "testing" emotes (once we get some)

5. No misusing the AI bot (again when we get one going)

6. No begging for ranks

7. If a link is long shorten it using Tinyurl

8. No full caps

9. No uneven caps. Example: HoW iS EvERYone DOINg

Warning SystemEdit

1. First offense is a warning

2. Second offense is a kick

3. Third offense is a 24 hour ban

4. Fourth offense is a 7 day ban

5. Fifth offense is a 1 month ban

6. Sixth offense is a Permanent Ban