Luna stroll
UnknownProdigy, aka Ninja Jolteon, UP, Prodigy, and Unknown. Is the right hand man to Princess Gabriella. He is the main man behind the emotes and assits PG whenever he can. He can a be a bit foregetful at times, but he always tries his hardest to get it right.


UnknownProdigy is into quite a bit of things


- Animatiated series, such as MLP and Avatar

- He is invovled in Track and Cross Country

- He is also a bit of a video game nerd


UP personality can be spilt into two parts. His bad side and his good side ( He doesn't have multiple personality disorder). If you've ever been in a wiki chat with him you can see he is easily ticked off at things. So if you get on his bad side he will not heisate to kick/ban you. Even when he is in a good mood he can be brash and sarcastic. Don't let this put you down though he's just having some fun.